We expect commitment from our Squad Members to their training. All Squad Members are required to achieve a minimum training attendance standard or risk being moved back a squad. If you are unable to attend a training session, please notify your Coach.
  • Bronze Squad Members are expected to train three times per week
  • Silver Squad Members are expected to train four times per week
  • Gold Squad Members are expected to train five to six times per week
Squad Members train out of Splash's Dandenong and Berwick pools and are not required to give notice if they wish to train at a pool other than their usual one.
Details of current scheduled training sessions are available below and on the Calendar under Practices.
Please drop off and pick up your children on time. All parents are expected to walk their children into every session to make sure other Squad Members are already there. If your child is the only Squad Member there you will be asked to stay until another Squad Member arrives. We are also asking parents to arrive when the session is scheduled to finish and collect their children promptly. This policy is designed to protect and ensure the safety of children and our Coaches.
Please advise the Coach if your child will not be attending training. If your child needs to exit the pool early during training for any reason please prearrange this with the Coach so you do not disrupt the group.
Parents are asked not to approach Coaches before or during the training session. Matters of concern should be addressed after the training session or via email to the Head Coach prior to the training session.